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“Shop for online at Ballaholic. Add bold classic style to your look with this ballaholic Hooded, featuring a large version of the logo.” A company of building and creating a strong foundation to empower and overcome a massive movement By being a row model to the lifestyle culture. Keeping Up with the BHLIC LIFE, on are official blog. View Are photos, news, style, galleries and videos. About BALLA HOLIC : The old school new school hip-hop movement, BHLIC, a division of BALLA-HOLIC Workout, is symbol of men’s & women’s contemporary global culture, mixing the urban aesthetics of the streets and the sports culture. Since, its inception in 1997. Lifting spirits touching lives setting the heart & desire to achieve the new standard in BHLC, and establishes the company as the complete urban, street & sport lifestyle brand. Urban Sports Clothing Collections A Complete Selection of  BALLA-HOLIC – Urban Sport Clothing with Apparel & Accessories and Collections. Mens Black Hooded Sweatshirt, Clothing Shop Tees for the Family. In Stock Now with Fast, Get $75 Orders Ship Free!




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All-over printed BH strappy

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Dress with tear neckline

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Men’s Slim Fit Joggers

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